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  • Barrier Film
    Barrier Film
    Barrier Film1200 sheets @ 4"X6"Low tack adhesive backing

  • BD Sharps Container
    BD Sharps Container
    BD Patient / Exam Room Sharps Collectors Red - 5.4 Qt - 10.75" x 12" x 4.5" - Horizontal Enrty with Counterbalanced Doors - 1 Container Add a wall mount Wall Mount +$...

  • Bemis Sharps ContaIners and Mounts
    Bemis Sharps ContaIners and Mounts
    5 Quart Sharps Container 5-QT Wall safe sharps containerRotating cylinder top allows one-handed disposalDimensions: 12" H x 11" L x 4 1/4" W Sharps Container Wall Mount Mounting bracket hold 5QT wallsafe sharps container...

  • Black Masking Tape
    Black Masking Tape
    Masking Tape 1/2" (12mm x 60yds)Box of 10 rolls

  • Dental Bibs
    Dental Bibs
    Dental Bibs 3ply 2pl Tissue/ 1ply Poly Box of 500

  • Dynarex Gloves
    Dynarex Gloves
    Black Nitrile Examination Gloves  Powder-Free–Strong–Sensitive to the TouchDynarex Black Nitrile Gloves are heavy-duty gloves designed to perform under extreme conditions and won’t rip or...

  • iSet Biowaste Absorbent by RTP
    iSet Biowaste Absorbent by RTP
    Formulated to absorb liquid contaminates to reduce spill risks.  Quickly turns liquid waste to a solid form.Toxic liquid waste remains toxic after solidification. Do Not Inhale or Ingest! Approx. 1 teaspoon (cap full)...

  • Madacide
    Madacide-FD is an alcohol based multipurpose disinfectant/cleaner. Fast drying formula. Designed for usage in hospitals, dental clinics, doctors offices, veterinary offices, nursing homes, tattoos shops, and other health...

  • Solment - Sharps Disposal Solidification  by RTP
    Solment - Sharps Disposal Solidification by RTP
    Sharps Disposal Solidifier Solment is the safest and most effective medical waste and sharps container solidification on the market.  Solment’s solidification technology derives from over ten years of practical...

  • Tattoo Doctor Aftercare
    Tattoo Doctor Aftercare
    Tattoo Doctor Aftercare is the first tattoo aftercare that actually works! This is NOT a lubricant! Tattoo Doctor is a product developed by healthcare providers. Developers of Xirma RX Wound Care formulated the markets BEST...

  • Green Soap Gallon
    Tinture of Green Soap
    Tincture of Green Soap is a natural soap made of vegetable oils and glycerin, 30% alcohol concentration to reduce bacterial counts without using chemical biocides, completely biodegradable, and environmentally safe.

  • Nalgene Green Soap / Wash Bottle 500ML
    Nalgene Green Soap / Wash Bottle 500ML
    500ml Green soap dispencer.

  • Clip Cord Cover / Sleeve
    Clip Cord Cover / Sleeve
    Precut plastic clip cord sleeves used to protect your clip cord from contamination. Color may vary - Clear or Blue. Box of 200

  • Machine Bag Cover
    Machine Bag Cover
    Plastic Machie Cover 500/Box

  • Wash Bottle Bag
    Wash Bottle Bag
    Plastic Wash Bottle CoverDisposable Green Soap Bottle Cover Completely opened at one end and fits almost any bottle size. 500/box

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